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    We are East Anglia's first fully trained and

    manufacturer certified HardiePlank® installers

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    21 Colours with ColorPlus® Technology
    add style and character to your home
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    Ideal for commercial premises

An Advanced Material

Durable woodgrain textured ECC fibre cement

Five times thicker than typical vinyl cladding

Fire, moisture, rot and pest resistant

Fire rated: A2, s1-d0

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Qualified Installers

All of our fitters are HardiePlank® manufacturer trained, assessed and certified.

The Fabulous Fascia Company Limited are the first (and currently only!) HardiePlank® preferred contractors in East Anglia.

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Free Quotations

We will carry out a detailed site survey, discuss your requirements, show you the products and options and provide a firm written quotation.

... and our knowledge of Building Regulations will keep you on the right side of the local authority!

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HardiePlank® installers since 2009 ...

We are East Anglia's first, and so far only, preferred and fully trained Hardieplank® contractors. Our experience means we can give the best advice based on our technical and practical expertise.

The Material

Hardieplank® is a concrete fibre and wood-pulp mix which combines strength with flexibility. It's insulation properties will help keep out the cold and its durability makes it virtually maintenance free. With 21 colours to choose from there is bound to be the perfect colour to enhance and add value to your home.


Hardieplank® is an advanced replacement for wood, tile, felt or pvc cladding. It can change the look of your home by being put straight on to your existing brick, block or rendered elevations. It can even be used to transform your holiday home as you can see in the 'Before and After' pictures below!

Correct Fitting

Preparation may involve carefully taking down old cladding materials and then battening-out or just straight battening on a plain wall. The battens must be fixed at the correct width and the 'joiner battens' covered with a pvc membrane. If there is a requirement for insulation, whether to conform to the latest Building Regulations, or just because you want a cosier home, then the appropriate depth of insulation is inserted between the battens and a breathable membrane is attached.

Since you need to both insulate and ventilate, before the first board goes on, the correct starter ventilator is put it place. The boards are then fixed at the correct depth. Each board is screwed, we do not use nail guns - it is essential that boards are screwed rather than nailed, because they are not under fixed where a nail is protruding, neither are the fixings too deeply embedded in the board leaving the boards subject to popping off the fixing at some future date.

The boards are fixed all the way up the wall and a small expansion gap is left to allow the air behind the boards to escape. A ventilator grill is used where appropriate to keep the lines straight and as a large insect deterrent.

Finally the boards are cleaned up, windows trimmed as necessary and the top screws which are not otherwise hidden are filled and painted with HardiePlank's own paint to perfectly match the board colour.

Before and After

Transformations achieved by our installations.

  • Before photograph showing old cladding
  • After photograph of a HardiePlank installation
  • Before photograph showing old cedar cladding
  • After photograph of a HardiePlank installation

21 Colours with ColorPlus® Technology

With a fantastic range of 21 colours, there is sure to be something to catch the eye and beautify your home's exterior.

HardiePlank® Installations by The Fabulous Fascia Company

We have numerous local installations of HardiePlank® on both private homes and commercial premises.

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