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Do It Once, Do It Right

Replacement of soffits and fascias is a job for skilled tradesmen. Our fitters are highly experienced in all types of installation as the processes vary according to the roof structure and materials ....

Typical installation where there are peg tiles or a slate roof

Pre-vented soffit affixed below rafters

First to go up is the 'pre-vented' soffit. It is not compulsory, except for new-builds, but the building inspectorate recommend it as good practice.

At this time, new reinforced PVC is tucked underneath the existing felt.

New fascia affixed

Next, we put up L-shaped fascia board. This gives the board a spine for greater rigidity and a lip on which the soffit will rest. It ensures that the fascia is straight along the rafter edges.

Gutter and downpipe fixed Finally the gutter goes up, black/white/brown and square/round are all available options.
A similar process is followed with the bargeboard, where ends are "boxed".
And there you have it - a transformed set of eaves!

For more pictures please see our photo gallery.

K-Shield 3-in-1 roofline protection system

Solid soffit and facia affixed below rafters

New solid soffit fixed to underside of rafters and tucked into the L-shaped fascia.

Roffline stripped back and fascia in position

Roof tiles removed and underfelt trimmed and rolled back while new solid fascia is offered into position and levelled.

Solid facia being fixed

The new solid fascia is fixed to the face of the rafters using rustproof polytop nails.

K-Shield fitted

K-Shield 3-in-1 roofline protection in place and fixed with polytop pins. The ends of the rafters are now protected, ventilation is provided to the roofspace.

Roof tiles refitted with K-Shield bird stopper

Roof tiles are refitted with the K-Shield spines folded back under the tiles to prevent access to the roofspace by birds.

Roofline replacement completed

Guttering fitted, and the installation complete.

For more pictures please see our photo gallery.